New York Subway Station Markers

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Thanks for visiting this page. The photos were done by Sagarin Photography as a project for New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority in the 1970s, and can never be done again as well or as thoroughly. There are nearly 30 photos in the collection -- use the link, above to see a list of all the available images. 

The steam ferry ran from Cortlandt Street across the Hudson to Hoboken  

A fanciful representation of one of Columbus' ships

  Mr Astor made his money in the fur trade
Cortlandt Street   Columbus Circle   Astor Place

(destroyed 9/11/01)

The original Staten Island ferry  

Little old Nieu Amsterdam

  Eagles on plaques indicate armories above
South Ferry   Wall Street   Park Ave & 33rd Street
Alma Mater, from the statue in front of Low   Grand Central Station   Notice that the famed diagonal braces are not shown
116th Street 
(Columbia University)
  Grand Central Station   Brooklyn Bridge

  Times Square  

Bleecker Street

  Times Square  

18th Street (closed)

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