South Shore

Nuns, Jones Beach

Laughing Bear, Elmont

Headlights in snow

Stacks on the Shelter Island ferry
Raszweiler Blvd, Franklin Square Lady in a phone booth at the Lynbrook LIRR station
From the Long Island RR, in Rosedale
to come
Reaching for the ketchup in a Lynbrook White Castle
Nice kids, Malverne
32 Clifford Street, my parents' home in Lynbrook


When I was 14, my family moved from Brooklyn to the south shore of New York's Long Island. South Shore is an essay of photos I have taken there over the subsequent years, a documentation of emotional responses. 

to come


Surf Rescue Boat, Jones Beach





West Bathhouse, Jones Beach





Lench Family, Plainview (1)

Lench Family, Plainview (2)

to come

to come

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