Photography of Fine Art

Icon of St. Augustine
Skete St. Maximus Iconology
16x24 cm

Title: I'm so very sorry Welded and painted metal
Peter Smith, sculptor
130x150 cm

Documentation of
Fine Art Bronze Foundry

 Depicts human aspiration and suffering Gustav Vigeland
Monolith (detail), Frogner Park, Oslo
(solarized print)
section approx.3 meters high 

Tanagra figurine 
Private collection 
28cm high 

Houdon bust of Thos Jefferson
UVa Rotunda
90cm high

New York City MTA
 Mosaic tile station marker 
40 cm high 

. Medieval German Carved Madonna
Art Museum of Springfield, Mass.

Vincent van Gogh
Sanitarium at Arles
Private Collection


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