Historic Preservation

Library of Congress  
Historic America Engineering Record  
Documentation of the 
New York City Subway System

The original IRT City Hall station, with Guastavino arches
 DASA Architects
 No. 9 Court Square renovation
 Winchester, Virginia

Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum 
Tower of the Woolworth Building 
"Immovable Objects" exhibition 

Observation tower of the Woolworth Building
Lower stairwell, emphasizing brickwork  Bruce R. Wardell
 Beth Israel Jewish Center additions
 Charlottesville, Virginia

New-York Historical Society
New York City 
Original Subway Station Markers

33rd Street & Park Ave So
 Veterans' Administration
  Congressional Cemetery
 Washington DC

New York Magazine 
Stained glass ceilings
(New York Yacht Club)

Model Room
Essential New York
Self-guided walking tours

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