Institutional Architecture

Bedford Hall Extension
Longwood University
Farmville, Virginia
Costello Construction

University of Virginia 
Health Sciences Center
Mosaic Panorama

Health Sciences Center  
Library Moseley, Harris & McClintock
Echo Lake Elementary
Henrico County, Virginia

Huff-Morris Architects
 First Baptist Church  
Newport News, Virginia 

Exterior from the southeast

 Heyward, Boyd  
 All Saints Anglican Church
 Ivy, Virginia

Mathers Construction
Washington & Lee University
Grahem-Lees Residence Hall
Lexington, Virginia

 Odell Associates
 Augusta County
 Community Services building
 Fishersville, Virginia

Life Magazine 
Whiz-Bang Quick City 
Experimental encampment 
Woodstock, New York 

via Bob Mangurian  

University of Virginia
The Lawn (composite)
Charlottesville, Virginia


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